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Sunday, June 21, 2015


MAN! on this day there is so much to Celebrate we are entering into the Summer Solstice and Celebrating Father's Day. On this day I am Thankful for my Father Robert L. Dennis who is 73 years young and still alive I am grateful and thankful for ALL the memories and the laughter I have shared with my Dad. So on this day I just want to Wish ALL the Father's a HAPPIE FATHER'S DAY! May this day be filled with Joy & Blessings. I won't to leave you with the message of Hope on this Father's Day God longs for you to listen again to the story of His love for you when you are restless on your own journey through life. Your heavenly Father is always near, ready to encourage you with His Word. —Bill Crowder I rejoice in Your presence and Your love for me, Lord. Today I choose joy in knowing Your love is constant and unchanging, forever fixed. God’s great love for His child is one of His greatest gifts.

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