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Friday, April 29, 2011

Royal Extravaganza

Today some 2 billion people ALL over the world got up early this morning to witness History in the making Prince William married Kate Middleton in a Royal Extravaganza in London's Westminster Abbey Cathedral Church. As Kate emerge in front of Westminster Abby Church waring a Sarah Burton of Alexander McQueen designed prompting swoons of admiration from onlookers. The dress had lacy shoulders and long sleeves with a plunging, sweetheart neckline. She also wore an intricate, hand-embroidered veil topped with a Cartier tiara, on loan from Queen Elizabeth II. Kate showed us ALL the little girls who were watching with there Mother's how to walk into their Queen-ship with Grace, Humility, Confidence, and Pose while Prince William also showed us ALL the little boys who were watching with there father's how to be Devanar, Strong, Humble, and Striking. What this Royal wedding has taught ALL of us that this is NOT just some Fairy Tale Disney movie we ALL grow up watching and loving BUT that their are Prince's and Princess's that live among us and we should NEVER GIVING UP on 1 day Marrying a Prince. So to ALL the little girls that were watching Prince William marry Kate Middleton just know that 1 day you too can Marry a Prince it's NOT just a Disney movie BUT you can say that it is REAL NOT just a fragment of your imaginations. I 2 believe some day I will Marry a PRINCE! Here are some of my Favorite Picture and video