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Friday, September 21, 2012

We did it! Thank You

Here is the September Issue of CCFA
Letter from Rick Geswell, CCFA President Rick Geswell As summer comes to a close and fall is upon us, I want to express how tremendously grateful I am to you. You had the opportunity to double your impact in our matching gift challenge, and you rose to the occasion. I am thrilled to announce that together we surpassed our goal of raising $50,000, and that $50,000 was matched! Your generosity has made an enormous difference by putting more than $100,000 toward the fight to find cures and create a future free from IBD. Thank you! Running for Love Karen and Jake Last year, when Jeff Holmes found out he had Crohn's disease, life changed not only for him, but also for his wife, Karen. After several misdiagnoses, Jeff was finally diagnosed with Crohn's and underwent successful surgery. Watching her husband recover from surgery inspired Karen to do more. A month later, in February, Karen was in New York City's Central Park, participating in mid-winter training in preparation for her first Team Challenge marathon. In June, she completed the 13.1-mile Virginia Wine Country Half Marathon in honor of her husband. "Team Challenge helped me feel like I was making a tangible contribution to the cure," says Karen. Next year, the couple plans on running their first Team Challenge half marathon together. Read how Karen and Jeff coped with Crohn's disease together. Living with IBD: Back to School Now that the school year is underway, it is time to study up on how CCFA can help with the transition back to school or college! Students with Crohn's or colitis face extra challenges at the start of the school year: How will their disease affect their grades, or their interactions with teachers and classmates? Education and communication can ease these concerns. Our resources include guides for teachers and parents, as well as ways for college students to connect with others on campus. Understanding Your Risk: C. diff Understand your risk for C. diff Infections of Clostridium difficile – commonly known as C. difficile or C. diff – have been on the rise in recent years. C. diff is a bacterial infection whose symptoms mimic IBD flares, including diarrhea and colon inflammation. Research currently suggests that IBD patients experience a higher rate of C. diff infection. Though the majority of C. diff cases occur in medical care settings, such as hospitals, nursing homes, and doctors offices, IBD patients are more likely to contract the infection without the typical risk factors. For example, they are more likely to contract C. diff within the community and at younger ages than those without IBD. Read more about C.diff and IBD.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

3rd Day of DNC

As this is the last night of the Democratic National Convention I am going to sum it up in one word CONSISTENCY. Consistency is what the DNC has and is what kept the HIGH ENERGY going throughout the 3 day Convention so for ALL the speakers that spoke at the Convention to the diversity we saw out in the crowd. As we come to a close for the DNC the one moment that stood out to me was former Arizona Congresswoman Gabby Giffords saying the Pledge of Alligence to me that inspire HOPE. I HOPE 2 see YOU at the POLES this November. PLEASE GET OUT and VOTE your Voice matters we ALL have a VOICE for Change. Gabby Giffords President Obama Speech

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

2nd Day of DNC

As millions know or may NOT know that this is an Election year and we our gearing up to reelect President Obama. So tonight was the 2nd Night of the DNC what a POWERFUL night is was yet again after coming down off First Lady Michelle Obama's Electrifying speech she gave last night we as Democrats were still KICKING it into OVER drive with former President Bill Clinton. We were also touch with an arousing and Point of View story that was given by candidate Senator Elizabeth Warren from Massachusetts. What I see with this Democratic National Convention is consistency from the diversity of Americans all the way down to the Speaker given there Speech's this has been one of the most Powerful, Electrifying, Motivation, Uplifting, Joyful, Energetic Convention I've seen in quite sometime. I JUST LOVE IT!! Here is Elizabeth Warren Speech After that speech was given by Elizabeth Warren the most powerful speech that was given by Americas then President Former President Bill Clinton.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Day 1 of the Democratic National Convention

Tonight was the start of the Democratic National Convention which was held in Charlotte North Carolina. The DNC started off with a BLAST from Key Note Speaker out of San Antonio Texas Julian Castro. Here is his Speech After Julian Castro gave his Speech that KICK OFF the Democratic National Convention and rally ALL American Voters to back Barack Obama the First Lady Michelle Obama came out after a Heart warming Welcome from a Military Mom Elaine Byre.Then First Lady Michelle Obama took to the stage and gave a Powerful speech that tugged on the Heart strings of America First Lady Michelle painted a picture of Love, Determination, Struggle, Down to Earth, Hard Working , Family Man that has come along way. First Lady Michelle Obama Speech