Sunday, June 7, 2015


Dear Prince, I know you don't Celebrate Birthday's BUT on this day I'm taking a Moment to Celebrate YOU! On this day June 7, 1958 God created and bless the world with Prince Rogers Nelson who was born to the late Mattie Shaw and John L. Nelson in Minneapolis Minnesota. Words can't even begin to describe how Thankful I am to God for creating such a genius of a Masterpiece you were created by God to BLESS his HOLY NAME. YES, I know millions adore U ALL over the world but U're gifts and talent came from God Almighty. Along this journey of yours you have created some 34 albums and won numerous Awards introduce us to various Artist some we've Loved and some we didn't quite catch a hold of Inducted into the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame, I came along for the ride when I was 3 years old my first PURPLE EXPERIENCE was seeing you in U're very First Movie Purple Rain and I have NOT come off this ride with ALL of it's ups, downs, twist, turns,upside down, free falls, of this ride call LIFE BUT with ALL that U have encountered and endured my prayer was that U overcome ALL of those obstacles with the Help of Jesus Christ. As I reflect on U're life, music, career, musicianship, bandleader, actor, composer, dancer, arranger, conductor and performer the world has become U're canvas and U have created some beautiful Masterpieces for nearly 4 decades I am truly Thankful for your willingness to explore different types of music BUT always keeping that Spiritual lining in U're music.U have always been ahead of U're time but always RIGHT on time with the messages and lyrics to U're music. As U continue 2 take risk with U're music career U faced the Unexpected with U're Intellectual Rights to Owenership of U're Music Catalog U fought for freedom from Contactual Rights to Owen U're Music Catalog and fight for other Artist to regain full owenership of their entire catalog, Now that is true BOLDNESS and Confidence in U're GOD given ability as a musician to strive a make changes that U saw fit. Over U're entire career U have work with some of the GREAT'S like Miles Davies, Clare Fischer , Susan Rogers, Sinead O' Conner, Sheena Easton, Bangels , Sheryl Crow, Larry Graham, Maceo Parker, No Doubt, and countless of other Artist and Inspired millions of others artist along the way. So on this day I want to honor and Celebrate the God Fearing Man Of God that U are. JUNE 7, 1958 a gift was given un2 the world THERE WILL NEVER BE ANOTHER on this day we give THANKS AND PRAISE 2 God 4 U This is my Birthday Letter 2 U. HAPPIE BIRTHDAY! May God shine his face upon U Now and Always. Sincerly Yours, Debbie A.K.A QUEEN BEE

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