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Sunday, July 27, 2014

Purple Rain's 30th Anniversary

Where do I begin with this Purple Rain is Celebrating it's 30th Anniversary on July 27, 1984 the movie that would change the lives of Millions ALL over the World.Well lets start with this I was 3 years old when I saw this Movie YES! I know your saying to your self WHAT! Yes I was 3 years old when I saw this Movie by Minneapolis own son Prince Rogers Nelson. Here is how the story goes my cousin was a HUGH Prince supporter and she introduce me to his music and this Movie Purple Rain which is Celebrating it's 30th Anniversary today. When my cousin told me his name was Prince, I said "Who would name there son Prince." Well I would soon find out the reason why they called him PRINCE so my cousin ask me "Do you want to go to the Movies to see Purple Rain?" I remember asking her Is it Scary, She replied No, it's not scary. So were off to go see this Classic movie in the theater throughout the entire movie I sat in my Moms lap and by the time the movie was over I was HOOKED on Minneapolis own Prince, I now know the reason Why they called him Prince because as a Musician he truly defied ALL the odds. To this day this movie is still one of my Favorites so on this day I want to Celebrate with the Millions ALL over the World and reflect on the movie that truly took us inside the World of Prince. Here are just some flash backs of what took place during the Purple Rain era. HAPPY 30TH Anniversary Purple Rain Thank You Prince and The Revolution for such GREAT Memories. Purple Rain Official Movie Trailer Purple Rain Premiere Prince Wins Original Song Score: 1985 Oscars PRINCE dominates the American Music Awards 1985

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