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Saturday, August 8, 2015


Ok! I hear you LOUD and CLEAR PURPLE ARMY. So I just wanted to take a moment to expound on this decision that Prince as made. As many of you may know Prince is slated to be dropping his latest New Album which is called HITNRUN on September 7, 2015 Exclusively to TIDAL...PUMP YOUR BREAKS...STOP IT! You don't say so here is where I want to expound on this YES! I'm SUPER EXCITED! that Prince is releasing new music BUT I'm so NOT in agreement with this and let me tell you why FIRST Things First (no pound intend Prince) YES! I LOVE U Prince BUT not like I LOVE my CD'S and others ways of getting music to your loyal supporters. I don't ALWAYS agree with some of the decision Prince as made in regards to this, now YES!, I have supported ALL other decision he has made on becoming an Emancipated Artist and owning his MASTER and Intellectual Copyrights BUT this is NOT one I'm totally in agreement with here's why we ALL know that the music industry is constantly changing and people won't there music FAST with the influx of streaming, digital downloads, MP3'S, i-tunes, and everything else that is out there to get music to us music lovers FAST, YES gone are the dayz of RADIO, CD'S and Vinyl's that some of us music lovers STILL cherish to this day I know I do BUT YES! I have come to accept that those dayz are gone and we are in a technology driven world there are simply other wayz we would LOVE to get the new music from the Purple Man himself BUT just not through TIDAL. Ok so here we go TIDAL started off I believe at the beginning of this year with Artist such as Beyonce, Alicia Keys, Madonna, Daft Punk, Kaye West, Rihanna, Nicki Minaj and just recently if I'm not mistaken the legendary AC/DC have just logged on to TIDAL hears the break down WUZUP with this small group of Artist STOP and thinking about it IF ALL the supporters of ALL these artist's that I have just mentioned signed up to TIDAL at $10 that's an estimation of a Million or possible a Quarter of a Million dollars So my question is Who is Pocketing this Money is it the Artist or is it Jay-Z who is the Founder of Tidal? Ask yourself that question. OK, stay with Me Now PRINCE let's just say those that choose to sign-up to TIDAL to exclusively get the New HITNRUN Album it would go a little something like this let's say 5 people sign up to TIDAL at $10 that's $50 dollars OK let's say 10 people sign-up that's $100 dollars if 50 people sign-up that's $500 dollars is the picture becoming clearer to you are is it still fuzz to you OK than let me make it a little more clearer to you we know that Prince is an International Super-Star of a Musician who is really trying to find avenues to get the music to us BUT this avenue it's NOT the BEST way to go it seems like it is BUT when you look at the BIG picture it's not because like I stated above if a Million people sign-up to TIDAL that's a Million dollars will Prince see that money or will Jay-Z pocketed ALL of that. The BIG picture is Prince is an Icon and a Legend that will bring in revenue for Jay-Z'S TIDAL Company BUT will Prince see any revenue of his own by releasing this album exclusively to TIDAL You think about it and do the Math. My belief is Prince should start his own Streaming Music Service where he can Stream the Artist he wants such as 3RDEYEGIRL, LIV WARFIELD, NPGQ, and countless of other artist. We may NEVER know this could only be a Trial run bases with TIDAL NOT something LONG-TERM Hope NOT. TIDAL can NOT HOLD Prince's entire Catalog of Music Here is a video I would like to share by my Friend Jester. PRINCE - TIDAL WAVE OF NEW FUNK (PHASEONE) I agree with some of the things that my friend Jester has stated but not whole heartily because I know that there can be a better way for instance possible releasing it on a USB or like I have stated before create your own Streaming Music Service. Prince PLEASE Don't be a Pun in some one Else's game and PLEASE Don't let anyone get Rich off Your Legacy. Blessings and Love Queen Bee.

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