Wednesday, August 19, 2015

A message from our new President & CEO

Here is CCFA 2015 Newsletter for the month of August from our New President & CEO. Providing Hope and Inspiring Action | CCFA AUGUST 2015 ISSUE A Letter From the President & CEO I cannot tell you how happy I am to be serving as your new President & CEO, especially as we begin our first-ever Members Match. Right now, every dollar you give will be doubled up to $130,000 by a generous donor, and have twice the impact on curing IBD. Recently, two brave siblings, Morgan and Harrison Rook, shared their IBD story for our Members Match. They said, "If we raise enough money, we can stop this disease." As a friend of CCFA, I know you agree. Please join the fight against IBD and instantly double your support today. Richard J. Geswell, CCFA President and CEO Thank you, Michael Osso Michael Osso President & CEO Gut it Out: Jake Diekman’s Story At 6-foot-4-inches and 200 pounds, professional baseball player Jake Diekman looks healthy and fit, but he has struggled with ulcerative colitis for 18 years. When Jake experienced a severe flare-up last year, he knew he needed to “gut it out” and take control. Shortly after, Diekman designed the “Gut It Out” t-shirt fundraiser, raising nearly $9,000 for CCFA. Diekman's "Gut It Out" shirts are available for purchase here. You can also find Jake on Facebook,Twitter, and Instagram. Read more ► College life with IBD Some college students have concerns about managing IBD while away at school. Establishing a 504 plan with a school’s disability office is one way to help. Under this legislation, all government-funded institutions are required to make reasonable modifications for students with disabilities, including providing dorms with close bathroom access, later classes, and test accommodations. Want to know more? Visit CCFA’s Campus Connections for useful advice, including tips for adjusting to college life, connecting with other IBD students, and more! Contact our IBD Help Center for additional information at Learn more ► Stay Informed: Immunizations While adults and children with IBD should generally follow the same vaccination schedules as the general population, people on medications that suppress the immune system (such as corticosteroids, immunomodulators, and anti-TNF therapies) should NOT receive live virus vaccines. With this in mind, the best time to vaccinate is when someone is newly diagnosed with IBD, before immunosuppressive therapy has begun. You should always discuss the risk and benefits of any vaccine with your doctor. To learn more, read our fact sheet on immunizations and IBD or reach out to the IBD Help Center at Learn more ► Double Your Impact Your gift to CCFA right now will go twice as far in the fight against IBD. Join our Members Match and double your generosity up to $130,000! Donate now Be an IBD Superhero! Take Steps has launched Be an IBD Superhero! With an estimated 80,000 children living with IBD, this youth walk program encourages understanding of chronic illness and physical wellness for students of all ages. To find out how you can bring the IBD Superhero program to your child’s school, email Learn more ► Webcast: Diagnosing and Monitoring IBD Join our webcast on, Wednesday September 16th at 8-9 PM EST, as we discuss with a medical expert what to expect from the diagnostics and monitoring of IBD. You’ll also learn about helpful resources and important questions to ask your healthcare team to better manage your disease. Register today ► Search our resources Find your chapter IBD Clinical Trials and Other Studies CCFA provides a comprehensive database of studies, clinical trials and other research on Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis. Some of the recently added studies include: An Open-Label Phase 3b Study to Assess Mucosal Healing in subjects with moderately to severely active Crohn's Disease treated with vedolizumab IV sponsored by Takeda Sex Differences in Statural Growth Impairment in pediatric Crohn's Disease sponsored by Weill Cornell Medical College Deciding whether to participate in a clinical trial is an important personal decision, best made with a full understanding of the drug development process and a participant's role. Take Steps Team Challenge CCFA Facebook CCFA Twitter CCFA YouTube CCFA Pinterest Forward Donate to CCFA Crohn's and Colitis Foundation of America 7​33 Th​ird Av​en​ue, Sui​te 51​0, Ne​w Y​ork,​ N​Y 10​01​7 | 8​00-​93​2-​2​423 Talk with an I​BD Info​rmation Specialist at 88​8.M​y.Gu​t.P​ain | 8​88-​69​4-8​87​2 Unsubscribe or update your email preferences CCFA has a 4-star rating on Charity Navigator Crohn's & Colitis Foundation of America Show details

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