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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Jenna's How Team Challenge Conquered Crohn's

Here is a Team Challenge story brought to you by Jenna. Jenna shares her story of how she conquered crohn's through Team Challenge. While she managed to graduate, during her time at the Naval Academy she had 11 surgeries—and a few months after graduation, had ileostomy surgery, which was later reversed. In late 2008, she was medically retired from the Navy since she couldn’t deploy with Crohn’s. It was extremely difficult to come to terms with this, especially since she had envisioned spending her life in service to her country. While her dream got sidelined by disease, she has moved on to create a great life, of which Team Challenge is a huge part. Running is a key disease management tool for her, and Team Challenge is the perfect fit—meshing her love of running with helping to find cures. While she worried about not having fundraising experience, the Team Challenge system really helps newbies reach their goals. The training runs are a great chance to build teamwork and camaraderie. And whether you’re running your tenth half marathon or walking your first, the coaches are extremely helpful!

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