Friday, April 21, 2017

PRINCE JUNE 7, 1958- APRIL 21, 2016

This is dedicated to my Purple Family On this day April 21st 2016 is when life for ALL of us faded to BLACK when we ALL learn that Prince Rogers Nelson had passed away, It's been 365 days since that day a Whole Year has come an gone and Though the physicality of you is no longer here it's been the hardest. There are still NO WORDS for me too speak. But here my Letter to U on this One Year Anniversary #RIPPrince Dear Prince, WOW! It's been a Year since you have been gone and BOY! look at what's been going on since a year ago let me tell you about what's been going on with me, last year around this time things seem to be on the up an up U had just started U're Piano and A Microphone Tour at Paisley Park and getting ready to head out on Tour with your Piano and A Microphone, I was so EXCITED and looking forward too seeing U on this Piano and A Microphone Tour until 4 months into the Piano and A Microphone tour U fell ill I just prayed about and NEVER looked back while U were in Atlanta but on April 20th right after U found U're way back home back to Minnesota I rested my head knowing that everything would be OK, but I was wrong when I woke up on that fateful morning of April 21st I woke up with what would be the most shocking and devastating News of my life U had passed away ALL I could do was sit in silence and try to make some since of it ALL. U see for me U were my Soundtrack every song U sang U capture my life I knew where I was whenever the radio station or video station would play U're Music and now a Year later it's the hardest thing for me to listen to these day's since U have been gone. On that day of April 21st when I woke up that morning it seem as though my world faded to BLACK it's been the most toughest, most difficult, most hardest thing that I ever had to face NOT to see those beautiful God given Hazel Brown Eyes Staring back at me whenever and wherever U were, if U want to know my world is different since U have been gone now, It's been a Year now a really nothing has really change for me ALL I know is that it's going to take a minute for me too come to terms that U're NOT here physically but U're Spirit is around. 31 Years ago U wrote a song that says Sometimes It Snows In April well this is the question I ask myself the day U passed away, it's taken from U're Song When Doves Cry, "How can you just leave me standing? Alone in a world that's so cold? I've been asking myself that every since April 21st. Yours Truly, Queen Bee

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