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Wednesday, March 29, 2017

20Th Anniversary of the Movie Selena

One of my Favorite Movie's is Celebrating it's 20th Anniversary of the Late Tejano Singer Selena Quintanilla-Perez and made Jennifer Lopez a house hole name. Selena came out March 21, 1997 Two Years after the Tejano Singer was gun down by her Fan Club President at the age of 23 years old. In this biographical drama, Selena Quintanilla is born into a musical Mexican-American family in Texas. Her father, Abraham, realizes that his young daughter is talented and begins performing with her at small venues. She finds success and falls for her guitarist, Chris Perez who draws the ire of her father. Seeking mainstream stardom, Selena begins recording an English-language album which, tragically, she would never complete. EXCLUSIVE: 'Selena' Turns 20! Her Family Reflects on Movie & Legacy: 'In My Mind She's Still Alive' FLASHBACK: Jennifer Lopez On Set of 'Selena' and Why She Didn't Sing in the Movie Selena Remembered 20 Years Later: Watch Previously Unseen Home Videos Entrevistas Ineditas En El Set De Selena La Pelicula (Jennifer Lopez y More) Selena (1997) Official Trailer - Jennifer Lopez, Edward James Olmos Movie HD

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