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Saturday, January 31, 2015

Starting 2015 Strong

Here is a Letter from our CCFA President and CEO. JANUARY 2015 ISSUE Letter from our President & CEO Happy New Year! With your help, we ended 2014 on a strong and hopeful note. Last month, you had the opportunity to make twice the impact in our matching gift challenge, and your response was overwhelming. Together we met our match goal of $500,000 – which was doubled by a very generous family. Now we're an incredible $1 million closer to a future free from IBD. The Foundation is also proud to recognize our partners in progress who, year after year, provide generous support for our education programs and patient services: Abbott, Aptalis, Coronado Biosciences, Janssen, Prometheus, Salix, Santarus, Shire, Takeda and Warner Chilcott. Thanks to the support of you and our partners, we're looking forward to a year of giving back – to you! We have lots of exciting things in store including events, scholarships, Camp Oasis, and, as always, plenty of patient education and support. Here's to a productive and happy 2015. Richard J. Geswell, CCFA President and CEO Thank you, Richard J. Geswell Richard J. Geswell President & CEO Evan's Dream Evan started playing soccer when he was 3... and soon his life revolved around it. In order to realize his dream of going pro, he practiced tirelessly and wrote to and befriended many professional soccer players. Even when Evan started experiencing severe stomach pain, he refused to give up on his dream. Unfortunately, his condition got much worse. Two years ago, he was diagnosed with non-responsive Crohn's disease and ulcerative proctitis. Now a sophomore in high school, Evan can't play soccer anymore, so he's devoting his dedication and work ethic to finding better treatments and cures for people with IBD – and he has some very special people on his team. READ MORE ► Scholarships & IBD Are you or a family member with IBD thinking about college? A college education can be costly, but scholarships can help, and there are three organizations who offer special scholarships to IBD patients: Convatec, Patient Advocate Foundation and Intense Intestines Foundation. Visit their sites to learn more about these resources. While CCFA does not directly offer scholarships, you can learn more about additional scholarship opportunities here. For additional information or guidance, get in touch with the IBD Help Center at LEARN MORE ► Are you a member? Becoming a CCFA member is the easiest and surest way to help us find treatments and cures for Crohn's and colitis... and to help the 1.6 million Americans living with IBD. With your tax-deductible membership, you'll receive exclusive benefits through CCFA all year long. Don't wait, join today! Donate now Employment & IBD While most patients with IBD can be successfully employed, many face challenges. Keep in mind that there are federal and state laws that protect people with IBD and require employers to implement accommodations to help employees manage their work and condition. Take a look at our new Employment & IBD fact sheet for more information or reach out to our IBD Help Center at Ready for Camp Oasis? It's that time of year again... to get ready for summer! Applications are officially open for Camp Oasis, a residential summer camp for kids with IBD. Find a camp near you and apply now for a life changing summer of fun, friends and support. You can also learn more about the camp and watch this video for an inside look at a day in the life of a Camp Oasis camper. We can't wait to see you this summer! New and Improved Patient Resources We've updated two of our signature publications: The Facts About Inflammatory Bowel Disease and A Guide for Teens with IBD. The fact book includes a brief overview of the disease and the latest IBD statistics, and the teen guide provides IBD information, tips and resources just for teenagers. Visit our publications page to access, download or order any of our brochures or fact sheets. Sold Out IRONMAN... for Free! You can register for Team Challenge for free AND get guaranteed entry to into sold out IRONMAN races. Join Team Challenge and help us find treatments and cures for IBD. Your FREE membership comes with exclusive benefits like training plans, professional coaching, fundraising support and much more. Join us today using discount code FREE. REGISTER TODAY ► New Webcasts Available! Do you have questions about Crohn's disease or ulcerative colitis? CCFA has helpful resources, including our educational webcast archives that can help you manage your disease. Watch newly uploaded webcasts today!

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