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Thursday, December 12, 2013


Ok so today I am so honored to share this Special Birthday with none other than the Legendary Latin-Jazz Drummer and Percussionist Sheila E YES! I know this may sound so CRAZY but unfortunately it is NOT YES, I am born on her BIRTHDAY in the same State Sheila E was born in Northern California and I was born in Southern California the only thing that is different is the years she was born in 1957 and I was born in 1981. So you see by the time I came along Sheila E was already in her career. So growing up all I heard was that I was born on Sheila E's Birthday, so today I considerate it such an honored and blessings to share this day with her. Many may think that Jennifer Lopez is my SHERO and Inspiration which she is BUT before Jennifer Lopez there was Sheila, Sheila is my SHERO and Inspiration. So next year this time I am so looking forward to Celebrating our BIRTHDAY'S together. HAPPIE BIRTHDAY 2 US GURL! May God continue 2 richly bless us Now and Always.

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